WP Syndicator: Syndicate Your Posts & Build TONS of Backlinks With The Push of a Button!

Yes, today is April Fool’s Day, and you will read plenty of emails and blog posts full of non-sense. Well, this one isn’t one of them! What we want to tell you about is a link building tool that we have been using for several months… and we know it works!

WP Syndicator

As a SocialMonkee Member, you already know how important link building is, and if you own a blog, chances are that you use WordPress as a platform. Well, we have the perfect WordPress-based content syndication and link building solution for you: WP Syndicator (by Andy Fletcher).

WP SyndicatorWP Syndicator is a plugin that allows you to syndicate your blog posts to a multitude of Web 2.0 sites (like LiveJournal, Identica, Multiply, Publr, Tumblr, Posterous… and a lot, lot more) with the PUSH OF A BUTTON, instantly building TONS of authority backlinks to your blog.

All you need to do is to hit the ‘Syndicate’ button every time you publish a new blog post, and the plugin will syndicate it for you, instantly building TONS of backlinks to the post. That’s great deep linking, and will definitely help you increase your search engine rankings! You can even syndicate your old blog posts!

Insider Tip: We highly recommend that you submit the pages created by WP Syndicator to SocialMonkee, so you get your authority backlinks indexed in the search engines a lot faster! This technique will help you get TONS of instant, authority backlinks to help boost your rankings and traffic!

WP Syndicator Discount

The best part is… (and that’s not an April Fool!) we managed to get YOU a special deal so you can get it at $27 ONLY instead of $49.95! That’s a 46% SAVING! To be honest with you, that’s not really fair for us because we paid the full price for that plugin, but as you should know by now we like to please our members!

To grab WP Syndicator at a discounted price, click this link (for SocialMonkee Members only!) and hit one of the ‘Buy’ buttons at the bottom of the page. Remember, this is NO April Fool, and we don’t know how long Andy will let us give you this offer… so take it NOW before it’s too late!

WP Syndicator: Automatic Content Syndication, Rapid Indexing, Permanent Deep Linking, Instant And Long Term Traffic Surges, Unlimited Free Support And Lifetime Updates… for $27 ONLY! That’s GREAT Value for Money!

WP Syndicator Review>>> Click Here to Get WP Syndicator NOW! <<<
Normal price: $49.95 | For SocialMonkee Members: $27!

Andy offers a 60-Day 100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee so there is strictly no risk for you. As previously mentioned, we use this plugin ourselves so we’re 100% confident in recommending it to you.


“Hi guys! I am so pleased with your service and to add to it when you sent the offer of WP Syndicator, I could not resist it. I bought it. I am glad I did. Wow, it works wonders my friends. Let me say this to all skeptics, the combination of SocialMonkee and WP Syndicator is something that delivers, a product that works. I have seen it over past month and more. I am writing in late as I wanted to see results myself. I am impressed!” Hemant | guppydas.com

To Your Success in Business & Life,

CEO at SocialMonkee.com

69 thoughts on “WP Syndicator: Syndicate Your Posts & Build TONS of Backlinks With The Push of a Button!

    1. SocialMonkee Post author

      Hi Walter,

      I don’t have an onlywire account (yet) but from what I can see, it mainly posts to some bookmarking sites, and also to your socialnetwork sites. WP-Syndicator promotes and posts to your web20 websites, that can hold rankings in the search engines all on their own 🙂

      So I feel they are very different product offerings 🙂 – Do you use onlywire? Do you like it and get results?

  1. Frank Slater

    If I purchase the WP Syndicator can I use it on multiple computers in my office or do I have to buy one for each computer? Thank you.

    1. SocialMonkee Post author

      Hi Frank,

      Firstly, thanks for the comment. WP Syndicator is a wordpress plugin, so you connect it to your wordpress blog, and can access it from any computer.

      There is a single license for $27, but I think you can buy for multiple sites at a very nice discount too through the link we arranged. Thanks

  2. Don

    Hi –

    What do you mean with this?

    “We highly recommend that you submit the pages created by WP Syndicator to SocialMonkee, so you get your authority backlinks indexed in the search engines a lot faster!”

    I am new to “feeds” and don’t understand it all.

    I was going to buy Social Monkee as you said it was a great tool to get backlinks, but now I need another one?

    Hope you have time to explain in “normal” speech : )



    1. SocialMonkee Post author

      Hi Don,

      What WP Syndicator does is it installs on your blog, you save the usernames of the 15 odd sites it supports, then when you make a blog post, you later click ‘Syndicate’ and it will post a snippet with a link back to your blog post you just made, on all those 15 web2.0 sites.

      So, if you choose to take it, then it gives you more links to submit to SocialMonkee (Backlinking your backlinks, to get them indexed too).

      Right now you should submit your main site, plus your other (or 3rd party) sites that link to your main site, to socialmonkee. This will just give you 15 more sites you can submit to SocialMonkee 🙂 – Hope that clears it up

  3. Pennie

    I was going to purchase Social Monkee but before I did you hit me with 2 other bits of software to supplement yours.

    SeoNukeX & WP Syndicator.

    It all seems a bit strange to me now and having 3 different tools to create a lot – emphasis on lot – of backlinks that can no way be natural to Google.

    People will suffer from backlinking fever and people at Google aren’t stupid.

    I was happy to have heard about Social Monkee but even before I buy it you are doing a lot of “other product” promoting which is, to me, very off-putting.

    1. SocialMonkee Post author

      Hi Penny 🙂

      Firstly, welcome to SocialMonkee. Sorry if it seems confusing or too much. It was just a timing thing that we made this deal and got a discount for our members at the same time that SEnukeX was relaunching (in a couple of days).

      SocialMonkee is a wonderful tool that we are very proud of and will continue to improve it all the time. It is one method though and to rank well for competitive terms, you need links from a vast source.

      We only promote products we use to rank, and there are not too many of them 🙂 – Sorry you got hit with 2 promos in 2 days, it is rare that we will do that, if ever.

      SEnukeX is a quite expensive, monthly expense that is good for heavy hitters who know what they are doing and use it mainly to build authority and strength to their backlinks (So 2nd tier links, the ones that link to their main site).

      WP Syndicator is a plugin that syndicates your content on autopilot out to around 15 web20 sites. We use it as it is a great time saver, but it can be done manually too 🙂

      SocialMonkee is a cool, quick way to get backlinks to your main site, AND to the 2nd tier sites that link to your main site (Like the ones made by WP Syndicator) – So each one has a difference and can be harnessed in different ways. SEnukeX is powerful, but expensive, WP Syndicator is a great time saver, and a low one time fee.

      SocialMonkee is powerful and fast, and also a low one time fee (Or free if you get 12 referrals)

      Hope this marathon reply helps to clear it up a bit,

      Colin & The SocialMonkee team

      P.S – I really did pay full price for this plugin, and think it is really great, as it does save a fair bit of time.

      1. Michael

        I totally agree with Penny, in that last few days you have been sending me far too many offers.
        One after the other. Bit disappointed!
        Your software is fantastic and does exactly what it says on the tin. It is producing excellent results and I am sure that the others all have a place in our future arsenal. My advice is to try and spread out your offers over a few weeks rather than bombard us over a few days.
        I am very interested in the lasts offer but I would like a more detailed review on this, can you post a reply and tell me where I can find one. I have obviously checked the link but it doesn’t give me a detailed enough overview.
        Many thanks and keep up the good work, just a few less emails please.


        1. SocialMonkee Post author

          Hi Michael! First, thanks for your honest feedback. As you may know we have recurring costs on SocialMonkee (domains, hosting, maintenance, enhancements, etc.) but upgrading is either free (with the 12 referrals) or a one-time payment of $47. That’s why we have to send offers to keep SocialMonkee alive. Otherwise we couldn’t pay for all the recurring costs. Sorry if it’s too much for you but I’m sure you’ll understand!

    1. SocialMonkee Post author

      Thanks Bryce,

      The plugin is working really well for us, and a good addition to our SEO armory.

    1. SocialMonkee Post author

      Hi Ty,

      There is no set amount, I think it is more about link acceleration. In other words, start off building less links, and then increase it as the days and weeks go by. This looks much more natural.

      Also, with the spinner, when Spinning content (On SocialMonkee or ANYWHERE for that matter) Try to spin it as much as possible, words and sentences. The more spun, the more unique, the more links get indexed.

      Using our service, or WP Syndicator, you can’t build links fast enough to get sandboxed though 🙂

  4. Mark

    Looking forward to getting started. Please dont put anything else to us though, as there just isnt enough time in the day to evaluate and assimilate new systems.

    Having said that…i am excited and appreciative of the genuine generosity of your offers.

    1. SocialMonkee Post author

      Hi Mark,

      sure, we only mail out offers we use ourselves, and we then contact the site owners and work out a special deal for our members. We don’t plan on sending promo emails too often, it is mainly content emails and update announcements with improvements to SocialMonkee…

      Thanks for the support 🙂

  5. cahndeso

    Hi Thanks u for your offer ..
    im still confuse about automatic link building after Google PANDA UPDATE on february 2011. is it still effective?

    1. SocialMonkee Post author

      Hi 🙂

      Yes it is, it is about being smart when you do it, linking unique content on the sources and most importantly, making your main site an authority site. Have good, unique, value adding content, and these promo methods work for ranking it 🙂

  6. Kevin

    Hi Colin

    I was a little unsure on how to spin sentences as well as individual words. For example, {If I wrote a sentence like this one, can I spin {individual|independent|isolated} words inside of these brackets?}



    1. SocialMonkee Post author

      Hi Sonny,

      I don’t have an onlywire account (yet) but from what I can see, it mainly posts to some bookmarking sites, and also to your socialnetwork sites. WP-Syndicator promotes and posts to your web20 websites, that can hold rankings in the search engines all on their own 🙂

      So I feel they are very different product offerings 🙂 – Do you use onlywire? Do you like it and get results?

  7. Jon Ingebrigtson

    I just bought this. I also recommended it to a friend/competitor without even trying it out first. One thing that helped my purchase is that I’ve bought from one of he guys who is a testimonial, and had a good experience working with him. This product is a great solution and makes sense. I wish you guys the best and hope make a lot of money offering such great products.

    1. SocialMonkee Post author

      Hi Jon,

      Thanks for the comment, yeah wp syndicator is a great product and we are very glad to have been able to get a big wp syndicator discount for Monkee’s, about making lots of money, yes we get a nice commission, but with the discount that comes a lot off our commission, and we use the money to keep building out SocialMonkee… Thanks for recommending wp syndicator, I know the owner, and he is a cool guy who makes great products

  8. AlexGman

    I thought I would ask a quick question here, just to see if it gets answered. I have tried your Social Monkey Free Backlinks, and my question is. Can you only submit certain URL once? I thought that I could submit it over and over again every single day. Is that not what you say on your front capture page? Thanks for the reply in advance.


    1. SocialMonkee Post author

      Hi Alex,

      yes each url is once, that is because more links from the same sources don’t give a lot of benefit and can seem very spammy. But, you will never run out of links to submit, as you should use this to ‘boost your backlinks’. In other words, submit all the pages that link to your ‘money site’. So if you have a blogger or squidoo page etc. that links to your main url, then submit those, so it builds authority and link juice to your backlinks, which will then get passed onto your main site 🙂

  9. Jess Owen

    Thank you for arranging this plugin deal. I spend a lot of time doing these things manually for my clients. Would it be wrong to still charge them for my hours at the keyboard, or should I chalk it up to “Virtual Hours”?

    1. SocialMonkee Post author

      Hi Jess,

      You should charge for it still… You did the research in finding these tools, you run the tools and put the expense in getting the tools. Not sure how you should charge for it, but you should! 🙂

  10. issac

    hello admin ,
    The best backlinker in social bookmarking sites is to syndicate why to unstable the deals in regular manner ,possible to handle the deals with it ,nice great job

  11. Hemant

    Hi guys,

    I am so pleased with your service and to add to it when you sent the offer of WpSyndicate, I could not resist it. I bought it. I am glad I did. WoW, it works wonders my friends. Let me say this to all skeptics, the combination of Social Monkee and WPSyndicate is something that delivers, a product that works. I have seen it over past month and more. I am writing in late as I wanted to see results myself. I am impressed.

    Ok. I have a question, You said to

    … how do you do that? I can’t find a way to do this. I am bit slow with this kind of stuff. Please help.

  12. Hemant


    I did something wrong. I told you, I am not good with this things.

    I wanted to know “you submit the pages created by WP Syndicator to SocialMonkee” <– How to do that?

    Thank you.

    1. SocialMonkee Post author

      Hi Hemant,

      Thanks for the kind words!

      When you use WP Syndicator, it creates pages on Web 2.0 sites that link to your posts, right? Well you can submit those pages to SocialMonkee, to make sure the search engines know about them and give them some more weight. In short you build links to the pages that link to your site. I hope that makes sense!

  13. Vince


    First of all Social Monkee is a great tool for backlinks thank you for that…now my question is when you say WP Syndicator, syndicates your content will there be any contradiction with the Google Panda Algorithm? Thanks

  14. Mike

    I’ve used web 2.0 sites for building backlinks and have seen good results, and I haven’t even boosted all of them with my SM links yet. I write the material manually and insert the links in context.

    Here’s my question, this does seem easy…BUT. Since this pulls the excerpt from the first 500 or so characters. All this content created on these web 2.0 sites will be duplicate content, also partial duplicate content from my money blogs which it will be linking directly back to.

    Isn’t this the kind of thing Panda was meant to combat, would these links be worth 1/10th as much as in context links in unique content from the same site? Is it a good idea to splash these excerpts from your site all over the internet post Panda? I didn’t see any way to use a manual excerpt.

    I know I asked a few questions, but my 2 concerns are

    #1. Duplicate content between the 15 web 2.0 sites
    #2. Duplicate content from MY blogs appearing all over the place..I’ve heard people have been slapped because other people have scraped (stolen) their content.


    1. SocialMonkee Post author

      Hi Mike,
      Nice points but I feel there is nothing to worry about. Here is an example from my blog: http://onlinemarketing10.multiply.com/journal/item/24/The_Best_Spinner_Review

      Content Scrapping happens all the time and does not effect the content already indexed in the engines. Once your content is indexed, you should in no way be penalized for your content being scraped. Also, please note that I have seen duplicate content out ranking normal content. I think it is great that you do it manually, my team does too, but this adds another syndication of quick inbound links at a push of a button, and I have only seen positive results 🙂

      1. Mike

        Thanks for the response Colin. I was wondering if you really used this plugin or not. I almost ordered it but decided to check some of the sites first as I’ve never heard of most of them.

        It doesn’t appear as if there are many “do follow” backlinks to be had from this…unless I’m missing something.

        Tumblr, Publr, Twitter, Plurk, Identi.ca and Friend feed don’t appear to offer any do follow backlinks. I couldn’t check all of them because you need an account to view some of them. So apart from Blogger, Multiply, Live Journal, and I think Posterous, how many do follow backlinks do you really get from this plugin? It doesn’t sound like 15.

        And I don’t envision getting much targeted traffic from these sites, I’m just interested in the backlinks.

        And btw, Typepad seems to cost $9 a month for a blog after the 2 week trial. That’s crazy.

  15. Ruth Martin

    Hi Guys,
    This plugin sounds great. It frees up my time so much when I don’t have to do it all manually. I would like to put it on all my WP sites. Will have to look in to the price for that.

    I have a question about Social Monkee: Will there be an update soon? I have recently updated my browser to Firefox 5, and now the ‘monkee head’ no longer shows up at the bottom. It said it was incompatible with Firefox 5.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!
    Ruth Martin

    1. SocialMonkee Post author

      Hello Ruth,

      Thanks! The SocialMonkee Firefox plugin has been updated soon after the release of Firefox 5. However you must download the new installation file and install the plugin again. Here is a short video on how to do this: http://screencast.com/t/IA0llWrml

      Otherwise yes we are working on new features. 😉

  16. Allan

    I’d like to say a few words on Colin’s behalf. I have and use on a regular basis the Social Monkee back linking tool, and it really is a great addition to my online business tools.

    The point is it is an Additional Tool what we need to realize is that we need a few variations to our back linking arsenal.

    So WP Syndicator is simply another tool you need. Bit like a mechanic actually, they could not get by with just a pair of pliers and a hammer. So it is with Internet Marketing. Somehow we tend to think that just one product and 5 clicks of the mouse button will do it. Unfortunately there are no free lunches and no 5 button clicks to instant overnight wealth.

    Lastly as i said I’ve had Social Monkee for some time and I have always found Colin’s service to be excellent and quick to offer help when needed. OK Col you can send the cheque to …… LOL


  17. Julian Williams

    Hi SocialMonkee,

    I just wanted to say a huge thank you for providing us with SocialMonkee as I am struggling to get backlinks due to low funds and not being able to pay some one to do it. I’m still a bit confused over the Syndicator, but will see how I go with social monkee before venturing any further. I think you guys are great for letting us have something like this for free.

    Many thanks again.


    1. SocialMonkee Post author

      Hi Julian! Thanks for the kind words! If you have any questions about Wp Syndicator, feel free to contact our friendly Support Team at Reply2Colin.com (SocialMonkee Section). Thanks again!

  18. baidu

    Hi there! I simply would like to give an enormous thumbs up for the good data youve got here on this post. I will likely be coming back to your weblog for more soon.

    1. SocialMonkee Post author

      Hello 🙂 You can use it in your descriptions but not in your titles. Otherwise it will break the URLs generated by the system. Thanks for your understanding!

    1. SocialMonkee Post author

      Hi 🙂 Are you referring to WPSyndicator or SocialMonkee? If you’re referring to WPS, I suggest that you contact their support directly. If you’re referring to SM, please submit a ticket here: Reply2Colin.com

    1. SocialMonkee Post author

      Hello Sarah! What do you mean? Did you get in touch with the WPSyndicator help desk (support [at] wpsyndicator.com)?

    1. SocialMonkee Post author

      Hello Hen! WPS uses sites like LiveJournal, Identica, Multiply, Tumblr, Posterous, TypePad, Plurk, Xanga, etc.

  19. Geri


    I signed up for the Social Monkee free version and used it a few times, then didn’t use it for a couple of months. I tried to login again lately but can’t remember which email account I used. I have dozens of email accounts for different sites…. so after trying 10 different email addresses and passwords, I finally gave up and tried to just create a new account so I can really check your service out… and perhaps even upgrade to the Premium version but…

    Your system won’t allow me to create a new account. This is the second time I’ve tried to remember my login info or just create a new account and each time you’ve sent me packing… I’m about to give up on this altogether… I think that’s a real flaw in how you’ve set up your system.

    There seems to be no easy way to resolve a situation like this… which must happen fairly often. Anyway, is there any way to reset my old account without knowing the email I used or the password? Or any way to create a new account… surely your records show that the account at my IP address hasn’t been accessed for months…

    So I’m NOT trying to create multiple accounts and break your rules… I’m attempting to end up with just 1 account that I can access.


    1. SocialMonkee Post author

      Hello 🙂

      Can you please submit a ticket at Reply2Colin.com? Please mention a few of your email accounts. We’ll try to retrieve your account for you.

      Keep us updated!


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