WP Syndicator: Syndicate Your Posts & Build TONS of Backlinks With The Push of a Button!

Yes, today is April Fool’s Day, and you will read plenty of emails and blog posts full of non-sense. Well, this one isn’t one of them! What we want to tell you about is a link building tool that we have been using for several months… and we know it works!

WP Syndicator

As a SocialMonkee Member, you already know how important link building is, and if you own a blog, chances are that you use WordPress as a platform. Well, we have the perfect WordPress-based content syndication and link building solution for you: WP Syndicator (by Andy Fletcher).

WP SyndicatorWP Syndicator is a plugin that allows you to syndicate your blog posts to a multitude of Web 2.0 sites (like LiveJournal, Identica, Multiply, Publr, Tumblr, Posterous… and a lot, lot more) with the PUSH OF A BUTTON, instantly building TONS of authority backlinks to your blog.

All you need to do is to hit the ‘Syndicate’ button every time you publish a new blog post, and the plugin will syndicate it for you, instantly building TONS of backlinks to the post. That’s great deep linking, and will definitely help you increase your search engine rankings! You can even syndicate your old blog posts!

Insider Tip: We highly recommend that you submit the pages created by WP Syndicator to SocialMonkee, so you get your authority backlinks indexed in the search engines a lot faster! This technique will help you get TONS of instant, authority backlinks to help boost your rankings and traffic!

WP Syndicator Discount

The best part is… (and that’s not an April Fool!) we managed to get YOU a special deal so you can get it at $27 ONLY instead of $49.95! That’s a 46% SAVING! To be honest with you, that’s not really fair for us because we paid the full price for that plugin, but as you should know by now we like to please our members!

To grab WP Syndicator at a discounted price, click this link (for SocialMonkee Members only!) and hit one of the ‘Buy’ buttons at the bottom of the page. Remember, this is NO April Fool, and we don’t know how long Andy will let us give you this offer… so take it NOW before it’s too late!

WP Syndicator: Automatic Content Syndication, Rapid Indexing, Permanent Deep Linking, Instant And Long Term Traffic Surges, Unlimited Free Support And Lifetime Updates… for $27 ONLY! That’s GREAT Value for Money!

WP Syndicator Review>>> Click Here to Get WP Syndicator NOW! <<<
Normal price: $49.95 | For SocialMonkee Members: $27!

Andy offers a 60-Day 100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee so there is strictly no risk for you. As previously mentioned, we use this plugin ourselves so we’re 100% confident in recommending it to you.


“Hi guys! I am so pleased with your service and to add to it when you sent the offer of WP Syndicator, I could not resist it. I bought it. I am glad I did. Wow, it works wonders my friends. Let me say this to all skeptics, the combination of SocialMonkee and WP Syndicator is something that delivers, a product that works. I have seen it over past month and more. I am writing in late as I wanted to see results myself. I am impressed!” Hemant | guppydas.com

To Your Success in Business & Life,

CEO at SocialMonkee.com

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